Epic Breakfast Sandwich

Good morning beautiful people!♥️

Breakfast sandwiches are my favorite weekend indulgence, and boy did we enjoy this today! With a strong savory palette my kinda morning vegan sandwich stack looks just like this 🌱

@foodforlifebaking whole grain bread
@fieldroast tomato & cayenne cheese
@eatjust mung bean based eggs
Micro greens
Sriracha sauce
 @followyourheart Vegan mayo

With the ingredients list, I’ve shared some of my favorite brands that I personally use. Depending on where you live, some of these may not be available, or you may have access to different brands. Feel free to use any kind you like.

Message me if you have any questions :)

For the sandwich sauce:
Mix 1 tbsp mayo, plus 1 tbsp sriracha and that’s it.

Assembling the sandwich:
Scramble vegan eggs. I’ve shared a post on these mung bean based eggs and how to cook them in a previous post. Click this link here for that.

Now let’s assemble everything in layers.

Spread sauce over toast. Place slices of cheese on top. Next place the cooked eggs over that. Slice of tomatoes and spinach, followed by another slice of cheese and top with microgreens. Top off with the other toast. Press down, slice into half and devour!

The tangy savory combo of this sandwich is sooo good!🔥

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