Avocado/Veggie Brunch Feast

This is just good mood food! When you can’t make up your mind, you make them all! My creative dump and as it turns out; delicious! This was our Friday lunch for two.


What’s in the picture:
Used my fav @daveskillerbread thin sliced 21 grain.
Toast 1: smashed avocado with lemon juice and cilantro, topped with 7 min eggs, and quick pickled onions.
Toast 2: cheese and chilli. Classic Indian street food combo! Topped with
vegetarian cheese by @amul_india and copious Indian green chilies.
Toast 3: sliced avocado tossed in salt and lemon juice, topped with spinach wilted in @traderjoes garlic extra virgin olive oil and more quick pickled onions.
Toast 4: my herby coconut chutney with a sunny side

Isn’t life all about eating good and feeling good? :)

bb1a30f1-bf87-4449-ad8d-ef65724399db (1) 2

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