Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheese

There’s nothing better than a perfectly crispy grilled cheese sandwich with velvety gooey cheese. Today we’re snowed in and the grilled cheese calling is stronger; this time, I made one of my favorite variations – with chillies peppers and mint chutney. Pretty much fits itself for breakfast, lunch, or snack!

4 slices of your favorite bread, I used a Oat and Grain bread I usually have in my pantry
2 tbsp melted butter
1 green bell pepper, remove seeds and finely dice
2 Indian green chillies (one per sandwich)
the Indian peppers are small green and pack a punch. You can substitute with milder peppers like serrano or jalapenos. Use 1 serrano or 1/2 jalapeño. Finely dice the chillies peppers.
2 tbsp mint chutney (this is totally optional) I use the homemade kind from my local indian store. Typically made with Mint, ginger, chillies, lemon juice and salt.

Any melty variety of cheese, you’ll need 4 slices  or 6 tbsp if using shredded; white cheddar, swiss, gruyere all work great.
I find my local Indian store brand Amul cheese slices work wonders! They’re white cheddar slices.

Servings: 2

Four key tips for making the perfect grilled cheese:
– heat management
– cast iron pan
– selection of cheese
– liberal use of butter

The cast iron creates a perfectly even crust, and the crunch you achieve can not be replicated. But of course, if non stick is what you have, you can certainly use that as well.

Not all cheeses are made for melting! Stay away from these cheeses because they will never melt – halloumi, feta, cotija, ricotta, goat, queso fresco. And these won’t work because they tend to be stringy: cheese curds, mozzarella, provolone.

You have winners with white cheddar, swiss, gruyere. Or you could also go adventurous with Munster, gouda, blue cheese or havarti.

Heat the cast iron skillet on low heat. Take two slices of slide of bread, brush butter liberally and place the butter side down on the pan. My pan is wide enough to make two at a time. These are the base of the sandwiches. Place the cheese, two slices each or 3 tbsp each evenly covering the entire slice.

Turn off the heat.

Sprinkle the Indian chillies evenly (remember to wash your hands throughly after handling the peppers). Spread the chopped green bell peppers evenly across both slides. Make sure the veggies, and cheese all have full coverage on the slice.

Turn heat back on low heat.

On the reserved two slices, spread mint chutney, 1 tbsp each, and place over the bread on the skillet. Use a spatula and press down gently evenly along the sides of the sandwich to help pack everything together. Now brush the top of the sandwich liberally with butter. Gently flip the sandwich over.

Cover with a lid that fits once you flip, this gently steams the inside, which cooks and melts and sticks and makes the sandwich obey and gooey. This only needs about 20-30 seconds. Uncover, and test the bottom to see if its crisped as well. You should have a hard crispy crust on both sides. If its not as crispy to your liking not to worry, you can certainly flip it over a couple of times if necessary about 10-15 seconds on each side. Low heat, well buttered bread are key.


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